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  Most couples preparing for marriage are also preparing for a new life together, this means moving in together and starting their journey as husband and wife. Aside from the obvious emotional part of living together there are many other things that are involved in moving in such as the little necessities that will make their space a place to call home. 
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"Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Providing Tokens of Gratitudes to Parents

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As a part of expression we often give gifts, this has become traditional over the years. Weddings are one such occasion that the exchanges of gifts are common and are usually from the guests depending on the family’s religion.

Certain circumstances will call for tokens of gratitude; obviously, giving gratitude to those who have played a special part in your life is an opportunity that does not come around often enough. Parents, for all they do are not often shown the full appreciation deserved. We take their generosity for granted and justifies what they do with the notion of “parental love and care” though this is true and most parents will indeed do whatever they can for their child or children, taking comfort in the thought “they know how much we appreciate them” is in some cases just not good enough, especially when their contribution has done so much to assist in the preparation of an event such as your wedding.
The planning of a wedding will often include the assistance of parent/s in one way or another. Commonly, a parents input in the wedding of their child will include financial contributions as most other areas of support would be granted to the bridal party or other friends and family members. Providing parents with a gift of gratitude before the wedding will do much in a very special way at making them feel appreciated. A gratitude gift can and should be presented at the rehearsal dinner along with a touching speech of thankful words. A personalized card with a note of sincerity should go along with the gift. This gift does not have to be large or expensive if your budget is a concern. 
Specially selected gifts are appreciated and cherished no matter what it may be. If deciding on a special gift for your parents becomes a difficult process consider some of these gift ideas.

Gift of gratitude for your parents

  • Picture frames
  • Artwork
  • Porcelain collectibles
  • Clock
  • Jewelry
  • Fine china
  • Crystal
  • Sterling silver serving pieces
  • Vase
  • Luggage
  • Pre-paid theater tickets
  • Gift certificate to a fancy restaurant or spa
  • Hobby items
  • Linens
  • Personalized engraved items

Depending on your parent’s personalities and personal likes, selecting a gift should not be too hard to do. If you are unsure and don’t know what kind of things they like consider sticking to a gift certificate to a restaurant, spa or weekend away these should all be appropriate and much appreciated.

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