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Choosing Your Wedding Invitations
You have set the date and have completed the guest list, so what's next? Your next step is preparing your wedding invitations, printing them and mailing them out immediately. this should be done no later than three to four months before the wedding.
Who Receives an Invitation to Your Wedding
This is your special day; it's a moment of joy and happiness. Who would not want to share in this with you? Your wedding invitation will be much coveted; this is why you will want to create your list of invitees with great care.

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Tips on Wording Your Invitations

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Tips on Wording Your Invitations

Wording your invitations properly in it's own way says a lot about your wedding. A formal type invitation will follow sorts of conventions in wording and order of presenting information. The more formal you make your wedding the more you will want to familiarize yourself with the conventions as follows;

  • Names: always written in full with first, middle and when possible
    last; you never use nicknames or initials on your invitations or cards.
  • The word "and" is always written out in full. Never use "&"
  • In stating "The honour of your presence" it is only used to one to the ceremony. In stating "The pleasure of your company" this is used to invite on to the reception.
  • When using "Mr." and "Mrs." or "Dr." only these are abbreviated. Punctuations are used after such only after these abbreviations;
    after the days and city.
  • Time, days and dates are always written out in full
    (2:00PM /Monday / June 26th). The year is not needed but if included
    should be spelled out.


Here are some guides to assist you with your adaptations. Your stationer will also be able to give you good advise on the right choosing.
If the bride or groom's parent's are:

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Don Peterson

divorced but will be hosting the event together:
Mrs. Sue Ann Peterson
Mr. Daniel Don Peterson

remarried mother and stepfather hosting:
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scott Burton
at the marriage of her daughter
Nicole Kate Peterson

both remarried parents, both hosting the event:
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scott Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Don Peterson
(exclude "their daughter" include " at the marriage of"
Nicole Kate Peterson)

To include the groom's parents:
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Don Peterson
request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
Mary Kate

Devon Mark Johnson
son of
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lent Johnson

Customize the titles and layout accordingly to accommodate the situation of your wedding. In some instances the invitation wording be different for the presentation or uniqueness of your wedding hosting party for example, if this is a double wedding the elders of the daughters name would go first with her to be husband.

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