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Choosing Your Wedding Invitations
You have set the date and have completed the guest list, so what's next? Your next step is preparing your wedding invitations, printing them and mailing them out immediately. this should be done no later than three to four months before the wedding.
Who Receives an Invitation to Your Wedding
This is your special day; it's a moment of joy and happiness. Who would not want to share in this with you? Your wedding invitation will be much coveted; this is why you will want to create your list of invitees with great care.

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Creatively Crafting Handmade Invitations

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Creatively Crafting Handmade Invitations

Whether you are on a tight budget or just creating a work of art to go along with a theme event, decorative invitations if done correctly can be wonderfully creative and inexpensive. Smaller wedding guest lists will obviously take up a lot less time when creating your special invites but, if your planned wedding has a large guest list, consider asking for a bit of help from others. Mothers are always willing to lend a hand and love to be included during exciting times. Bridesmaids (if already chosen) are great candidates for assisting with small details as well are sisters and don’t forget friends.

To create invitations by hand a few things will be needed but first, most importantly be sure you are aware of rules on wording such invites. Be sure to purchase more then needed in supplies, running out of supplies could jeopardize the help and assistance you pulled together to get the job accomplished. Sometimes buying things from different batches could cause a difference in color or texture, if you buy one package of colored paper for example the second package may be slightly off or no longer available.

Needed supplies:

  • Stationary paper or cards to suit your style or theme preference
  • Matching envelopes with identical or similar style and color as invites
  • Maps and directions to your celebration often printed on the same style stationary
  • Other stationary and envelopes in the same style and color for R.S.V.P.
  • Black inked pens (gold & silver pens can be used depending on your desired theme)
  • Your guest list including: full name, address, marital status and special information.
  • Assistance (family, friends etc.)
  • Stamps
  • Appetizers and drinks for your helpers

Your helpers will be there to assist in writing and addressing your wedding invitations.

Hopefully your chosen group will have unique and clear hand writing skills, if you have more confidence in one or more skilled writers have them do the invitations and addressing of envelopes, the others can help out by reading the information to the writer and assist with stuffing the envelopes. One rule of thumb however, have each writer complete the entire wedding invitation including the invite itself, envelope and other items enclosed per unit, this will ensure your invitations have a uniformed appearance when opened by your guests.

Helpful hints:

  • Never use a typewriter or pre-printed address labels to address envelopes.
  • Abbreviations are not suitable when wording your wedding invitations, although the use of Mr., Mrs. and Ms. Are acceptable and always used.
  • Outer envelope should include the full name of invited guest/s, you can be more casual on the inside of the invitation if you prefer.
  • If you are inviting a family, be sure to specify Mr. And Mrs. Henry Roy Brett and family.
  • A couple that is not married, Mr. Henry Roy Brett and Ms. Luis Ann Smith.
  • When inviting a single person, address the outer envelope to that person only. The inner invite or envelope can be addressed to that person and “a guest.”

Your wedding invitations should include:

  • The invitation itself whether it be a sheet of decorative paper or a folding card.
  • Maps and direction R.S.V.P. cards with return envelopes (stamped)
  • Reception place cards
  • Outer envelope

Packaging for postage
Because there are so many pieces to squeeze into one envelope we are often confused in which order they should be placed. You will want to place everything in an organized fashion so that when your guests open their invitations the information will be read in an orderly fashion. Here are a few tips on easy and practical ways of packaging your invites for postage.

  • The response or R.S.V.P. card should be face up under the flap of its return card envelope (be sure that the response card envelope includes a return address).
  • Extra items such as place cards, maps and directions should be kept together.
  • All items should be placed in the envelope facing the open flap of the mailing envelope.
  • Cover the front of your invitation if it does not close with a small piece of tissue paper to ensure the wording does not smear.
  • The invitation should be placed on the back facing upward toward the opening of the envelope.
  • Do not seal until all the invitations are in order and double-checked for correct mailing information.
  • Stamp and Mail.

Postage information
Posting envelopes that hold several items can weigh more then your average piece of mail for that reason, postal services warn that you check ahead of time for additional costs when posting such items like wedding invitations. Size and weight are two factors when determining appropriate postage fees however, as we all know posting mail to other Provinces or countries will also boost the price of postage. Envelope size believe it or not will also play a part in the cost of postage, if your selected envelopes are above standard size be prepared to pay a little more. 
This is not an area you will want to avoid and consider attempting to post them without investigating the cost for the postage. The response of your guests will be anxiously awaited by you so you can determine the finalized head count. The postal service will return to sender if items are not properly posted and paid for. Be sure to prepare ahead of time and determine whether a local stamp will be sufficient for your wedding invitations.

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