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Choosing Your Wedding Invitations
You have set the date and have completed the guest list, so what's next? Your next step is preparing your wedding invitations, printing them and mailing them out immediately. this should be done no later than three to four months before the wedding.
Who Receives an Invitation to Your Wedding
This is your special day; it's a moment of joy and happiness. Who would not want to share in this with you? Your wedding invitation will be much coveted; this is why you will want to create your list of invitees with great care.

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Things to Consider When Downsizing The Guest List

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Things to consider When Downsizing The Guests List

OK here we go with the guest list for your big day. If the financial support is good and not an issue, things would be much easier, you could invite as many people as you would like to share in this very special moment. For a large amount of weddings however, this is just not the case or maybe you would like to have a bit more spending money for your honeymoon. Whatever the case, downsizing the guest list is a very common fact.


When and if you are about to downsize your guest list, try to avoid making it another stressful decision in the process of preparing. Keep in mind that half of those people being considered to invite would probably not be expecting an invitation or will not be able to attend due to other obligations, priorities or distance factors. You might be planning a destination wedding in which case only a few close relatives and friends might be considered. Having a general get-together at a later time for others would be better considered instead. You will more than likely however, find yourself more stressed out from searching for a big enough location or having enough food variety to please everyone. You should however, make room for those individuals that are must invites even though you have never met. These people would likely be;

  • Spouses fiance or live in partners of those guests that will be attending.
  • The person who performs the ceremony and his or her significant other (spouse)
  • Parents of the wedding party (if they are well known to you) especially the parents of the flower girl and ring bearer.
  • Mentors, councilors or advisors of you and your spouse. These individuals may not be close friends but have been an important part your lives. Their presents is not necessary, but may represent something meaningful to the memories of your event.
  • Everyone that was previously invited and attended the wedding shower

If you are working on a budget, the pen on paper stops at a large guest list of people and shrinks slowly to accommodate the expense. You will both selectively have to decide on the individuals you are able to invite. This, will include an equal mix between you and your spouse then, figuring out how to explain to others why they were not invited. To make things a little easier in this department here are some category of individuals to consider when the decision to downsize becomes necessary;


If there is a place to start downsizing your guest list should you need to, this may be the place to start. Coworkers are people you will more than likely share 3 to 5 days of your week with. In some cases your fellow coworkers will know more about you than anyone else in your life. If this is the case in your situation, your consideration for downsizing may want to start with the next category of individuals. Having a "no worker" rule for your wedding is OK and should not leave anyone feeling a sense of discomfort in the relationship. If need be that you simply must invite that special coworker & friend to which you have taken many needed breaks and shared personal thoughts with, be prepared to offer this fact of close friendship as an explanation to those that were not invited.

Not inviting children to your wedding can be tricky and may leave some of your guests feeling awkward. Sticking to your rule and not being particular with favorites will assure no one will feel uncomfortable with not bringing their children along. A good cut off age for children is determined by you. Ages fifteen to eighteen is usually a good cut off point. If there are children that must attend your wedding for one reason or another, consider having them play a part in your wedding so that no one will get offended by the bend in rules. Maybe some of the older children could come by later to enjoy the fun without dinner.

Distant Relatives
OK, you have a very large family and lots of friends that you could invite to your wedding. You may be closer to many of your friends than you are to distant relatives so, excluding a twice removed cousin from your list is an option to consider.
Your wedding is a special moment in your life. You should take it honorably that there are so many people wanting to share in this moment with you. Making cuts are not what you would do if you could financially afford not to. Depending on your wedding budget it may however become necessary. When this is the case, a good idea is to send a letter or card with a brief explanation out to those people you did not invite that would have been expecting an invitation. You could include a picture of you and your new spouse as well. Inviting these individuals to your home after returning from your honeymoon is also another way to re-instate a good relationship.

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