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Choosing Your Wedding Invitations
You have set the date and have completed the guest list, so what's next? Your next step is preparing your wedding invitations, printing them and mailing them out immediately. this should be done no later than three to four months before the wedding.
Who Receives an Invitation to Your Wedding
This is your special day; it's a moment of joy and happiness. Who would not want to share in this with you? Your wedding invitation will be much coveted; this is why you will want to create your list of invitees with great care.

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Making Preparations For Out of Town Guests

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Making Preparations For Out-of-Town Guests

Well if you don’t have any out of town guest to invite to your wedding you are very lucky, most couples will however, have one or more out of town guests to concern themselves about when constructing a guest list. Out of town guests will often include friends and family. They may sometimes include individuals you hope will be a member in your wedding party. Occasionally an out of town distant relative or close friend of your parents will have to be invited and so accommodations will need to be considered.


It will become obvious that planning for an out of town guest requires consideration. The event of a wedding is commonly the ground where old family and friends are re-uniting to share in the celebration of your event. When inviting out of town guests to your wedding it is your responsibility to ensure that they have a place to stay and they are kept entertained through out this time. During this time of your life (planning a wedding) you will find that you have little if any time for yourself let alone entertaining family and friends. Your work is already cut out for you and the upcoming wedding event is emotionally and physically draining. At a moment such as this, do not be afraid to ask for a bit of help and assistance from those who may have offered.
Friends or distant relatives of your parents are commonly taken in and cared for by them. Your parents may like to include particular guests that you would not normally have invited. In this case, these individuals will not usually be a problem or concern for you and the responsibility of entertaining them will be that of your parents.
Your invited out of town guest will not usually rely on you financially but, more commonly rely on you to find them a place to stay whether it be a home or hotel (expense on them) along with some ideas for keeping them entertained while they are in town for your wedding. We all have a few family or friends that are kind enough to offer their assistance and this is an area you should definitely not hold back from accepting providing you can determine it will not be of too major an inconvenience on them.
Pre-wedding parties will always arise during an upcoming wedding event; some pre-wedding parties are attended by only a small handful of important guests. Your out of town guests should be included if they are staying with someone who has been invited to one or more of these upcoming planned events however, it is not mandatory if space and budget is not available for extra persons. Be sure to make other arrangements so that your guests won’t be left by them selves with nothing to do.

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