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Choosing Your Wedding Invitations
You have set the date and have completed the guest list, so what's next? Your next step is preparing your wedding invitations, printing them and mailing them out immediately. this should be done no later than three to four months before the wedding.
Who Receives an Invitation to Your Wedding
This is your special day; it's a moment of joy and happiness. Who would not want to share in this with you? Your wedding invitation will be much coveted; this is why you will want to create your list of invitees with great care.

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Smart Ways to Save On Wedding Invitations

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Smart Ways to Save On Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can run you easily hundreds of dollars. Depending on the formality of your wedding there are several ways you can ensure spending less than expected in this area. The quality of paper, printing methods and postage costs will all play a part in the over all expense of your wedding invitations. Following the ideas we have provided may assist you with getting what you want without spending more then you need to.


-Thermo-graphed invitations
Thermography is the most commonly used printing method for wedding invitations. Thermography is the alternative to engraved cards, which will more then likely cost one-third to half the price. To the average person it is an unnoticeable difference between the two types of print. It is a great way to go for a couple on a limited budget.
-The classic style
The classic style is a great way to go, keeping things simple yet elegant and saving you money with no need for inserts or liners. These cards are usually seen in white or ivory with black ink. They are elegant and affordable.
-Envelope and invitation sizes
Even the size of your wedding invitation can cost you more money then you bargained for. Once you take your invitations to the postal outlet you will find out just how expensive they can be. Size and weight will determine the cost of each invitation before they can be posted. Don’t even think about slipping the invitations into the mailbox without paying the extra fees, chances are, you’l see them returning within a few days.
-Order invitations by phone or mail
You may find great deals when ordering invitations by phone or mail but remember to calculate the cost of shipping and handling. If you are ordering invitations this way you are probably thinking about your limited budget. In some cases, the cost may become equal or higher depending on the charge for shipping and handling. Be sure to look into all the additional expenses when ordering this way to ensure that you are indeed getting the value you expect.
-What to avoid
Heavy stock paper is commonly used, it gives an expensive and elegant look but it will cost you more then a lower grade quality paper. Bows, ribbons and pearls can all be added to basic invitations to enhance the look, remember though, all added touches will be charged individually and cost you more per invitation. The cost of postage will rise depending on the invitation size and weight. Adding extra bows and pearls to a heavy stock paper may bring your invitation budged higher than you expect, keeping things simple will cost you less in the end.
-Hand made
Anyone can create elegant wedding invitations by hand. Saving money is always possible when you are on a limited budget. Consider having a group of friends over to help you with this job, we are talking about manually creating invitations to several guests; doing them yourself may take days. If you have no idea were to start when investigating what a handmade wedding invitation looks like, consider going to your local bookstore for some ideas. Search the craft section or ask a sales person for some assistance. There are many titles that can assist you in creating an invitation that suits your style and the formality of your wedding. Creating handmade wedding invitations will save you a bundle of money leaving space for you to spend more on areas that require it. Supplies and craft equipment will be the two most expensive areas when making them by hand but remember, they wont be nearly as expensive as those purchased in a store or by order.

Keep in mind, when making handmade wedding invitations it is very important that all necessary pieces are bought at the same time. The cards need to fit properly into the envelope so, buying all pieces at the same time will ensure you get items that are measured and belong together. It is always better that you buy more then you need and don’t depend on going back for extras, sometimes the store will be sold out or a different batch will be available. Noticeable differences may be visible between one batch and another. Extras may be needed due to mistakes and last minute invitees. Enquire whether the store you are purchasing your supplies from has a return policy in case you have unnecessary extras.

-Hold the extras and save

  • Colored ink costs more, go with black and save.
  • Reception cards are not necessary if your guests are invited to both, the ceremony and reception. Consider adding the reception information in the last few lines of the invitation.
  • Make your own place cards. Blank place cards are sold in bulk at most stationary stores; this could save you a lot of money. The names of your guests can be written on them with a calligraphy or good writing pen. 
  • Map cards are unnecessary, have direction maps printed up on nice paper through your local print shop or library.
  • Double lined envelopes are nice but expensive to buy and mail

All of the above money saving ideas are great and don’t forget that by cutting out a lot of the listed items will cut down the postage fees as well.

-Hire a calligrapher
Instead of ordering wedding invitations through a printing company, consider buying the invitations or making your own. It is more cost efficient to hire someone from outside to do the prints where fees can be negotiated. Hiring a professional calligrapher may be expensive so before one is hired make some enquiries with a local high school to find out whether they can recommend a student with a talented hand to do the work for you. A modest fee should be worked out and a definite example of his or her work should be provided before arrangements are finalized. 

-Printed return address
Every bit of print that is involved with a wedding invitation is charged for. You may consider skipping the printed return address and address the invitations yourself by hand; this could save you quite a bit of money per invitation.

-Thank you cards
Once a wedding has passed we all wait for the note of thanks, often the thank you card will come in the same style as the wedding invitation itself. Ordering thank you cards at the time of purchase for your wedding invitations is not necessary but optional to you. Blank thank you cards are available at most stationary stores; they are less expensive and available in many styles and colors. 

-Standard size invitations
By keeping the wedding invitations no longer than a sheet of standard size paper will save you the expense on buying longer sheets for this purpose. Some wedding invitations are stretched the length on a legal size sheet, this will only cost you more on print, paper and more than likely postage as well. It is important to keep in mind that most print services will charge by line so keeping your invitation wording at a minimum to only important information will do well at keeping the cost low.

-Wedding programs
Wedding programs are usually printed professionally but this is not necessary. Consider having the programs printed up by your local print shop on fancy paper that resembles your invitation theme. As another option there are tons of computer print software that will do the job just as well providing you or someone you know is familiar with the art.

-Use a web site for extended information
Printed invitation cards are limited in space and most print services will charge per line on cards, for this reason keeping your wording at a minimum will be the best alternative to beating the price. The use of a web site is becoming more and more popular to couples getting married for a number of reasons one of which is the full level of convenience it provides. Others will include:

  • Information is easily accessed from any standard computer system connected to the internet
  • It provides for quick and convenient information updating and changes
  • You are able to provide more information to your visitors and invited guests like extended information about you, your spouse, where you met, the families etc. 
  • Images and video lips could be added along with programming to allow for an interactive experience for your visitors such as; guest books, e-mail forms, maps and more.

The use of a web site could prove convenient and benefiting to your event in a number of ways. Usually there is no cost associated in having a wedding web site. Most internet company providing this service will do so by you becoming a registered member on their site. Content may differ based on image amount, video clips or interactive programming but aside form that the space needed to allow you the ability to be detailed and thorough is available.

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