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A Few Standard Questions to Ask a Jeweler

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A Few Standard Questions to Ask a Jeweler

Your wedding ring is another very big part of your event. You want it to be as special as the event itself in charm and elegance. Making sure that the jeweler of choice is reputable and can provide you with the typ of guarantees and service needed will ensure you the satisfaction deserved from this investment. Here are some standard questions to ask that will help you in determining whether the jeweler is of the standrds you want when buying your ring.

  • Are your diamonds provided with a lab regulated certificate?
  • Are your diamonds provided with an appraisal from an established certified organization?
  • Do you have a laboratory where I can view the stone?
  • Do you have a master set that can be used to color grade the diamond?
  • Do you have a gem color light that can be used for color grading?
  • Do you have an ultraviolet (UV) light that can be used for color grading?
  • Will I be able to purchase the diamond under a contingency so that I may have it independently appraised?
  • Do you have a 10X 20.5mm triplet loupe or other magnifier that I can use to be view the diamond? (preferably 10X 20.5)
  • What grading scale do you use to grade the color and is it a standard used in the industry?
  • Do you have an electronic scale to weigh the diamond?
  • Do you custom cut your diamonds to order?
  • Do you make the jewels on the premises or offsite?
  • How big is your loose diamond inventory for viewing?
  • Do you own the inventory or dealing?
  • What are your policies on trade-ins?
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee if the ring is brought back within a specific time frame?
  • Do you have a certified gemologist on staff?
  • Do you provide a guarantee on breakage?

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