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About Videography & Your Wedding Event

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About Videography & Your Wedding Event

Videograpy has over the years changed in the way of skills and technology. The industry of Videography has moved into a field off specialty and skills that are unmeasured by the standards used in past days of camcorders and VHS. The craft of video taping a function such as a wedding is no longer considered a secondary option to couples getting married.

The hiring of a professional to videotape the wedding is now a separate and very distinct choice. Due to this overwhelming demand in the wedding industry for fully sophisticated equipment and highly trained professionals, the days of amateur individuals with camcorders are no longer acceptable. The technology and equipments are constantly changing and improving to provide highly advanced features that support convenience and beautiful spectacular imagery.

 Popular Video Shots
  • The bride as she is leaves her home
  • The bridal as they arrive
  • The groom as he arrive at the church
  • The bride as she arrive at the church
  • Guests as they are seated at the ceremony
  • Recording of the entire ceremony:
    -The Processional
    -Complete service including vows
    -Exchange of the rings
    -The receiving line
  • Activities at the reception:
    -Speeches and toasts
    -Cocktail hour
    -Candid scenes of family and friends

With the talent, time, experience and equipments needed to capture this moment of special and new beginning for a couple being married, the average package price for videotaping a wedding running from 4 – 8 hours has gone up over the years from $600 to an easy $4000 depending on the type of editing, printing and or special effects you choose. Some couples fancy having their wedding event taped in the most industry professional of ways to present a final cut that would be similar to something seen in a romantic music video theme. This would include special slide effects and digitally enhanced sound and image effects. 

The Process
The standard videotape package will include the wedding story in its entirety from beginning to end. The completed edited tape or DVD will include 1 – 4 hours of captured scenes that will include; pre-wedding stories, interview segments, superimposed music, voice-overs and titles to which will all be tied in with glamorous special effects (if included). Multiple copies will then be made of this final cut before being presented to you. Some Videographers also provide the option of a pre-wedding highlight; this could be a short message from him to her and from her to him expressing deep thoughts and interpersonal wishes. This segment will usually run for about 15 min and may come included in the package chosen (ask about this to your Videography).

A Special Visual Record
Your wedding video and pictures will be the only tools in your possession that will serve as a visual record from moments captured at the event once the day is over. Your visual records should be among your highest priority, regardless of the budget. The setup, position and recording angles will be an important step to capturing great footages of the ceremony and reception. Wireless microphones, unmanned automatic cameras, and low lighting (bounce lights) equipments will work to minimize motions and distractions that play out during the ceremony. The Videography team will be composed of two or more people depending. Two is common and is considered standard minimum to professionals in the industry in order to allow for mobile recording options of scenes from both inside and out.

The recording of your event will be composed on super VHS tape; this is used by most Videographers. The edited version of your event will be copied from this master. Your options could include purchasing the unedited master as well to store for maybe future editing. It is possible to find a company that does both Videography and photography under one packaged price but it not common. The questions asked of a Videographer can also be asked to the Photographer, by comparing some samples of work and assessing the artistic style. We all know that the video camera has come a long way over the years and that most homes will indeed have one tucked away in the closet or suitcase. Not everyone however will be able to produce a cinematic production of your event from a recording like those done with adept camera work and expert editing by the experienced professionals.

It is important that you be specific in communicating your expectations with the Videography. Be open and honest about what you want and need this will help him or her in their effort to satisfy you in the production of the completed cut to keep as a preservation of your memories.

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