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Important Questions to Ask a Videographer

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Your video will be your only visual record of the event. you want it to be done professionally and provide you with the captured scenes that will have you relive the experience all over again in the most wonderful way. As with all other services asking the right questions will make a world of difference between satisfaction and frustration. Here are a few of the questions that will prove useful to ask a videographer;

  • Are you able to acquire close up images and sounds?
  • How inconspicuous will you be at the event?
  • What is your process of editing and will the master tape or CD be available for sale?
  • What charge methods do you provide? package pricing? Flat fee? By the hour?
  • Are you reasonably familiar with the location/s that my event will be taking place?
  • What type of cameras and equipments do you use?
  • How many people will be assisting with the taping?
  • Will the use of an assistant’s cost be included in the quoted price?
  • Are you able to provide us with suggested ways of staying within our budget without compromising the quality of work?
  • What type of end products/s does your price include in the way of special cases, number of copies, length of video, DVD copies etc.?
  • Do you offer a preliminary viewing of the recording? (By doing a preliminary viewing of the tape, you are able to provide your input on scenes you would like to keep in the master set)
  • After the wedding how long before my final copy is delivered?
  • Do you provide any additional options?
  • Will the Videographer be dressed appropriately for the event?

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