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Things to Know When Shopping For a Photographer

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Things rto Know When Shopping For a Photographer

You may find yourself shopping around for a photographer with as much as three to nine in your numbers to choose from. This is a very good strategy to start out with in allowing you the opportunity to make a well thought out decision. It is also a good approach to have at least two of those in your list of contacts be of referrals from other people. These referrals could be from businesses that had previously worked with the photographer or other couples. Give yourself at least 6 months to one year when trying to locate photographers. This profession is in high demand during the wedding seasons especially at it’s peak and there will be a limited amount of highly trained professionals worthy to provide you with the satisfaction you desire.
In choosing the Photographer
After you have gathered all the information needed to conduct a general and well informed interview, call and set up a personal meeting individually with the each of the perspective photographers to be done by you, your spouse and anyone else you believe will be helpful in assisting the decision process. Here are some ideas on how to conduct a productive interview with your choice of possible photographers:

  • During the interview, take the time needed to have a general conversation with the photographer. Get to understand them on a professional basis by comparing styles, prices, services and interaction. Be sure to take notes on every step during the interview. This will help you to remember the details and distinctions later
  • Inform the photographer of the locations you intend to have the wedding. Find out how familiar they are with the locations and if not will they make an effort to be.
    (A knowledge of the location would encourage confidence in the photographers ability to produce glamorous images from familiar marked sceneries)
  • Learn about the photographer’s wedding philosophy; try to ascertain if he or she is dedicated to the photography of weddings as a serious profession or just doing it as a business on the side?
  • Be sure to determine if the person being interviewed will be the person doing the photography at your wedding, if not; this is the person you should be talking to.
  • As previously mentioned; there are two distinctive styles to wedding photography; the journalist portrayal and the portrait portrayal. A good way to determine the style of the photographer being interviewed is to compare the numbers of candid shots to the number of posed ones. This will give you an idea as to the photographer’s style. This is not to say they would not be able creatively satisfy you in both but, you will have a better understanding of their work to assist you in your decision.
  • View the photographer’s portfolio in detail. Look for images that appear sharp, clear, crisp in color, technically good and depicts real emotions from the included subjects. This will be their best work so, if you do not like what you see it’s time to move on to the next interview.
  • Find out about the wedding negatives and how long they will be kept for should you decide on getting more prints in the future.

These are just a few general guidelines that you can use to help you with your decision. Other information and methods may also be suggested by the other experienced individuals that provided the referrals. In any case it is important to approach the photographer with an open mind and keen sense of understanding as provided in this article.

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