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About Wedding Photography Styles and Conformities

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About Wedding Photography Styles & Conformities
Photo   After the event is over and the celebration complete, holding on to the memories your wedding will bring back a smile and hidden emotions that will live with you forever.

Your photo album will be your hard copy of moments captured and frozen in time to be relived with every glance. Returning to view your photo album and videotape will always be an uplifting experience that will become more valuable and personally treasured over the years.

For the reason of having this moment captured and relived without flaws and errors in production, you will want an experience wedding photographer with the tools, artistic abilities and creative knowledge to preserve this moment in time for you. Friends and family will have their own cameras and camcorders present at your wedding and may even capture some special images of their own however, this moment is one that so special that leaving the memorable captures of images to amateurs may not be your best bet.
The industry of photography is not what it used to be years ago. The technology, equipment and print techniques have grown to improve dramatically. Today’s wedding Photographers are indulging themselves in an artistic approach to capturing images that will have you amazed in color, texture and creative artistry. Having a wedding photo album that presents a look similar to that seen in a super model’s portfolio (less the background and lighting) is fully achievable providing you get proper referrals, ask the right questions, do the common enquiry and clearly communicate your expectations and desires. 
Your wedding album does not have to present itself in the way common to previous wedding albums where the bride, groom, wedding party and special guest are conformed to a specific pose and or layout for the photos. Though the wedding photographer will have the experience and skill needed to set the stage for great photos, you should expect it done with a sense of creativity and style that is unique and will delightfully portray your memories of the special event with a heartwarming touch.
It is important to note, that in order to “capture the moments” of your wedding in a way that will remain truly magical and lasting over the years will require you to be educated on the basics in order to truly appreciate the nuances of the photographer’s style and vision. Ask some friends and acquaintances, check the photographer’s portfolio, view other couples wedding photo images and develop your own ideas of how you would like your images presented. Work with the photographer to develop a sense of trust, confidence and understanding, you will want someone whose attitude and ideas match your own. Remember your wedding event is a very personal affair so, developing some rapport feeling will encourage you are able to work together comfortably.
Photography Styles & Themes
In today’s world of wedding photography, there are two common trends that lead the way. Both can be considered equal in terms of professionalism and artistry. 
The first is:

  • Portray or studio style presentation.
    This is where all the captured images of the day are interpreted through the visionary style of the photographer’s artistic abilities. The photographer will use his or her experience, techniques and skills to portray the events of the day in an interpretive way in order to capture the moods, atmosphere and fantasy of the wedding that makes for an impacting display. There will be a number of images captured from both candid moments to formulated layouts all of which will be perfect in the completed album and present what is traditionally romantic. The photographer will require time and space to setup his or her vision of what they would like to create along with a brief and informed conversation with you, your spouse to-be and the wedding party.
  • Journalistic portrayal
    The term “journalist” refers to an individual that works to capture information as dictated to with no specific objective other than to tell a story. In wedding photography, the term would indicate a similar meaning in the way that more than 90% of images will be of candid shots. The idea for this type of photography is to capture a more realistic portrayal of the wedding day without the imposition of style or layout. The images captured will be done to tell the true story of the wedding day by capturing images that display people unaware and natural in interaction, expressions and the display of emotions. These images will be considered priceless based on how they work to depict the wedding in a story like manor similar to what can only be done by a video camera (without the movement of course).

Your wedding photos will be among your most valuable wedding day collected treasures of memorabilias. For this very reason you will want to take every step to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. This is done by asking the appropriate questions, examining the photographer’s work and to pick a photographer whose style and philosophy are most in-sync with your ideas and personal taste.

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