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Things to Know When Shopping For a Videographer

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Videotaping your wedding will be one of the most priceless approach to capturing that special moment frozen in time. For many couples the wedding video is more valuable than the photographs themselves. This may be due to the fact that an image can only capture how things looked at your event, while a video will capture how things were by replaying sounds, scenes and special unforgettable moments. You will find yourself reliving these memories with your significant other threw the replay of scenes and sounds captured. Some images you will remember but most you won’t. It is for this very reason that choosing your Videographer be subject to partial knowledge coupled with a detailed enquiry.

  • When searching for a Videographer, be clear on what you expect. 
  • Images should be clear and crisp with colors correct and properly highlighted. 
  • Be sure to develop a sense of trust and confidence in your Videographer. The last thing you want is to have someone at your wedding giving your guests reasons to feel uncomfortable from their attitude, spirit, distractions, attire or any other area not in respect to the event. 
  • Confirm that the Videographer has up-to-date equipment suitable to do a satisfactory job.
  • Have them outline their guarantee to stand behind their products and services that will ensure your satisfaction (reasonably).
  • Ask to view a few samples of their best work. Identify smoothness of editing, the steadiness of motion capture, clear crisp sounds, candid scenes that captures emotions and a complete overall professional impression of the tape
  • Ensure that the Videographer will work with another person. One person recording will only do half the job and may ultimately lead to un-repairable disappointments that you cannot afford to have.
  • Get a few references on their job done for other couples.
  • They must clearly specify their terms, products and services with a commitment in writing at the time of the contract agreement.

The act of videotaping the wedding for your full satisfaction will require your help. You will in-turn need to be very honest with the Videographer. Clearly communicating your expectations will be integral to having the job done to your satisfaction. The Videographer may also have questions that need answering in order to determine how he or she will be able to deliver.

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