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About The Contracts Before Signing

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About The Contracts Before Signing

Here is a bit of what should be in your written contract. As with any document don't sign anything without first fully understanding what you are signing and being satisfied (fine print included). Forms may vary with different establishments however, all catering or reception contracts should include the following:

  1. Agreement and Deposit:
    Usually a deposit is set based on the expected total of the bill and on the estimated number of guest
  2. Cost:
    Total cost is usually based on an average per-person cost. State and local taxes are then added to that amount with gratuities (15-20%) Contract also contains escalation clause. "Escalation clause" is the right that the contract holder maintains. It is the right to increase the cost that may escalate between the time the contract is signed and the actual day of the event
  3. Guarantees:
    A minimum number of guests are guaranteed but not to exceed a maximum amount based on interior space. Final guest count must then be provided within the time stated in the contract.
  4. Payment and Refund Policy:
    Balance due on the remaining amount owed is usually expected before the event takes place and often when final guest count is given. Any outstanding and/or extra costs can be payable by the end of your event. Cancellation on to the affair after the signing of the contract may be refunded however, a small cancellation fee could be charged depending on the inconveniences factor. To be sure, check that all fees are specified.
  5. Alcoholic Beverages:
    You may not be allowed to bring alcoholic beverages onto the premises or have them removed without consent from the caterer or establishment.
  6. Display and Decorations:
    All decorations and entertainment must be approved by the establishment none of which should damage the premises. All decorations, displays and entertainment must be removed by the end of the event.
  7. Security and Liability:
    The patron is fully responsible for any and all damages caused by their attending guests, also, the establishment is not held responsible for loss or damage of property your guest may ensure while on premises.
  8. Indemnification:
    The patron agrees to "hold harmless" the establishment and their employees against all claims, losses, or damages to persons or property, fines or fees (including attorneys' fee) arising out of or connected to the event, except those arising out of sole negligence or willful misconduct on part of the establishment (which means any claims brought by you or your families, individual guests, or independent contractors: musician, photographers, caterers, videographer etc. )

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