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Important Questions to Ask Site Manager

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Important Questions to Ask Site Manager

Selecting a reception site is a task that can be timely and frustrating especially for those not familiar with what to look for or questions to ask. Asking some of the right questions could be the key to preventing inconvenience and un-satisfaction. Asking the right questions are very important and all site managers should willingly oblige answering them, if not, you should probably take your business elsewhere.


Here some of the questions deserving answers that we believe are among the top before making the final decision but, do remember: read all documents carefully before signing. Make sure everything is listed on the contract you are signing and that you have a clear understanding of everything.

See "About The Contracts".


  • Do you have any previously taken photos (preferably months old) of previous wedding that were held here and can you provide me with theirs or other references?

This is a good question to ask, it may also be able to provide you with ideas on setting up your own reception look and the references will be able to provide you with information to verify their service and quality.

  • Do you have insurance coverage incase of injury on the premises and are they up to date? 

It may be wise for you to ask to see them rather than taking "yes" as an answer

  • Are your health department documents and certificate up to date and when was the last inspection done on the premises?

Again the proof is in the pudding. Ask to see the documents to verify the answers.

  • How many weddings are you able to accommodate at once and is the premises handicap accessible?
  • Do you provide bartenders, coat check, rest room attendants, valet parking, microphone etc. and if so, are there any extra fees for these?
  • Do you offer reception packages and what is included in these packages?
    Example: open bar, cakes, champagnes, décor, etc.
  • Can we sample your menu items and do a tasting on selective dishes?
  • Do you provide catering of various exotic dishes and are you open to particular menu items and preparation preferences?
  • What are the available time allowed for set up and clean up of the premises?
  • How is your catering done, is it done on premises or brought in?
  • Will you be taking head counts and when should we expect to see this happen?
  • What is your payment schedule and cancellation policy?

This question is important to prevent yourself any misunderstandings should a situation arise prior to the event. It is also important not to pay for 100% the site cost immediately. The standard for most reception sites are around 50% deposit with the rest due at the end of the reception.

Last but not least;

  • Will there be a manager or other representative present before the start of the reception to answer or address any issues or concerns that may arise ?

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