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Deciding on Transportation Options

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Deciding on Transportation Options

When most of us think of transportation for a wedding, we often think of the white stretch limo. In most cases this is the style of transportation that is commonly chosen by many marrying couples. Limos offer a sophisticated luxury ride with plenty of space for comfort. Limousines come with many benefits; one being the most important for a bridal party is plenty of space. Just the bride alone, dressed in her crinoline filled gown takes up a lot of space let alone the rest of the ladies in the bridal party.

Limousines come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, choosing the right one will depend on your preference, the formality of your wedding and the size of your bridal party. In most cases, the bride and her party will get full use from a luxury ride to the ceremony. The groom and his party will usually find an alternative method of transportation to the church. 

The groom’s party is often at the ceremony site earlier than the bridal party and so for this reason; fancy transportation is not usually needed though is sometimes favored by the guys. Once the wedding ceremony has ended the bride and groom are seen leaving the site together, often in the original source of transportation for the bridal party. The wedding party is responsible for making alternative transportation arrangements from the ceremony location to the reception site and back home.

Over 75% of all marrying couples hire a transportation service for their wedding. 85% of the time the white luxury limousine is the desired choice of transportation. The classiness and size of these vehicles are the two most common reasons for selecting them as a key source of transportation to and from this type of event.

Exotic rides
Carriage rides are a commonly seen site. Whether it is a bright summer day or a lightly snowing winter afternoon, the site of a newly wed couple escaping the presents of their guests in way only seen in fairytales will make for a picture perfect moment. The rental of a carriage is a very romantic way of traveling. The pictures will speak a thousand words all of which is in admiration that will forever be shared by you and your guests. If your choice is to travel exotically by carriage, antique classic or another method available, space or convenience may become a factor in which case, transportation consideration for the bridal party will need to be thought out for the ceremony site.

The overall idea of hiring a transportation service is to ensure everyone gets where they need to be at the right time. Hiring a transportation service will ensure that you get to your destination safely and on time. Obviously the formality of your wedding and size of your wedding party will have everything to do with the type of transportation service you will decide to hire.

The alternative transportation options
Though limousines provide for a luxurious ride to the ceremony site, there are other vehicles that will provide the same type of experience. There are a number of luxury vehicles that will do well at representing your event with style and grace, in fact, most auto companies will have a vehicle modeled to provide this type of atmosphere with the presence of a high end luxury car. You may have a family or friend that owns such a vehicle. Maybe they would not mind if you borrowed it for the event or, maybe you already own the perfect source for transportation. Consider having either the bride or groom's father do the driving if this option is openly available.

Most people who have a car they cherish can’t possibly imagine lending it out let alone having someone else drive it. If this is the issue, ask that person if they would like to be included by participating as your chauffeur. This individual may actually like the idea of showing off his or her car at such a formal affair.

There are no rules when it comes to wedding day transportation, as long as the transportation is clean and presentable it will be appropriate for the occasion.

This is a great option for someone on a limited budget as transportation will cost a few hundred dollars to rent. Unless the person with the nice car wants to charge you for their time, you will save big on your transportation budget giving you the opportunity to put it towards another area that needs the extra cash.

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