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Ways to Save on the Cost of Transportation

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Ways to Save on The Cost of Transportation

Your wedding day, you want to get around in style but it is important to note that style depending on taste can be quite expensive when it comes to transportation. Though many couples may dream of having the carriage ride, hot air balloon, horse drawn carriage, stretch limousine or gondola, for those set within a limited budget these options are not on the optional list of items. This does not mean however that because of your budget you cannot travel in prestige or style, you will simply need to understand how it’s possible to have the best of both worlds (so to speak)

Limousines rental & cost
These are the most favored source of transportation for couples looking to wed. Limousine rental cost will vary widely from company to company with various factors influencing the cost increase such as; model, year, value, color, size, features plus any additional luxury features. Most companies will require the vehicle be booked for a minimum amount of hours plus, charge extra fees if the vehicle is booked past a certain time or if the driver is held over due to the couple running behind on time (check with the company to determine this). A good way to beet this would be to enquire if the company offers an hourly rental rate for both driver and vehicle without a minimum amount of hours set, you could then rent the vehicle and use it only for transportation to the ceremony. Alternative methods would be used for transport to the airport or getaway spot. This measure is liable to save you more than 60% on your cost for transportation, other steps would include;

  • Color
    If you are not strictly particular on the shade of the source of transport, hiring a black, grey or other colored vehicle rather than a white will save you more money. White limos are more commonly requested by weddings and proms so the company is more likely to have less of them making the cost hire. 
  • Pick-up and drop-off service
    Pick-up and drop-off service if offered will save you money because your cost will only be on the time needed,
  • Select other optional luxury vehicles to travel in rather than a limo
    OK; the idea of a limo to travel from location to location in is one that gives your mind the feeling of style with luxury and impression. Limousines have developed this reputation based on the impression it has given the world by transporting the rich and famous. You want your wedding day to present that feeling but a limo is not your only option, especially when you are on a budget. Cadillac, Lincoln, Town Car as well as some others are also luxury vehicles used by the rich and famous for their space, features and style. Choosing to rent one of these vehicles and asking a friend to chauffeur will also save you big money.
  • Get a regular size limo instead of a stretched one
    If you simply must have the limo, your other option to save could be to look into a regular size limo rather than a stretch one. A regular size limo will also be big enough to comfortably seat the bridesmaids with room to spare (be sure to confirm this with the company before renting)

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