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About Entertainment Before Choosing

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About Entertainment Before Choosing

Consider your guests enjoyment when deciding on your reception music The evening must be enjoyable for every one included on your guest list. Your choices are endless; you can go with a live band, guitarist, pianist and the most common use of a DJ being- able to provide you with music of all types. Music should very from slow, rock, soul, oldies and other music tunes that suit you and your guests’ style and enjoyment.
Remember that you are providing the music enjoyment as a gift to your guests, but don’t forget to include some songs that you and your spouse will enjoy.

Love songs-
Most commonly the first dance for the bride and groom, the brides dance with her father and the grooms dance with his mother are dance to with Love Songs.
The cutting of the cake is also another area that usually calls for this type of music. Be prepared for lots of slow love songs; remember the occasion and the spirit of love in the air.

Ethnic favorites-
Think about the cultures that may be included on your guest list when choosing some reception music, the sound of music from different parts of the world will lively up the reception by those who are familiar and by those who just get into the spirit of fun. Consider your music to be a treat for your guests and be sure to include a variety to help contribute to their comfort and fun. Old time traditional wedding music can include anything from; polkas for the polish, Tarantellas for the Italians and if you have a crowed of ethnic ties they’ll appreciate the Nostalgia, guests of different cultures will enjoy the fun of trying something new.

DJ service-
This service is provided by a disk jockey who can often cater to all styles and music preferences, they are equip with a sound system and a healthy supply of great music. They are considered to be less formal then musical bands but are also none to be less expensive. It is important to discuss your music preference with the disk jockey service you hire to ensure they can provide you with everything you request the night of your reception. Before signing a contract be sure to ask the above question whether all the music you requested is available and whether you will be charged for those he doesn’t have but will purchase for your function. Ask about exact costs including those possible extras, place, time and location of set up. Dress code is something you may want to address as well.

Hiring a musician or a DJ-
Deciding on the reception music really depends on your crowd. Only you and your spouse can decide what is best suited for you and the guests you have invited to your wedding. Adding a mixture is wise, that way you are not catering to one specific crowd. Your choice will be narrowed down when you decide whether you want a live band or DJ. There are limitations with live bands as apposed to a hired DJ service. Once you have decided on that aspect of the music issue gather some references if you can, ask family and friends whether they know anyone who has preformed well for someone else, personal references and word of mouth are often your most honest findings.

Ask questions such as, the amount of songs they are able to provide, what level of service can they give and how punctual and reliable they are. When signing a contract with a band or other entertainment service provider stipulated commitments should be in writing.

Dress code formality & time-
Confirm they will be dressed appropriately for the occasion, you don’t want them showing up in casual clothes such as jeans. Be sure your band understands your directions and time to arrive. You will want them their and set up before your guests are expected to arrive

Agreement of price-
Make sure your contract stipulates additional costs for requests and additional instruments they may need for your function. The last thing you need is to sign a contract with a band that charges extra fees aside from your contracted price.

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