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About Disc Jockey Services

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About Disc Jockey Services

Once the touching ceremony is completed, your guests can now look forward to the fun yet ahead. Guests, often look forward to the food, entertainment and company of each other at the reception. The reception is the place where everyone lets loose and celebrates with the newly wedded couple.

Entertainment is one of the most important things to consider (aside from the food of course). The wedding guests will always remember the wedding reception, this is where the entertainment and fun comes to life. Food is at the top of the list, then comes the entertainment. If the entertainment you choose to hire does well with their selection of music, your guests will surely get out of their seats and shake a leg. This moment of celebration will surely provide them with an extended impression on the memories of your event.
Hiring a Disc Jockey

Different types of entertainment can be hired for the wedding reception; live bands and disc jockeys are the most common. Disc Jockeys unlike live bands play recorded music from a CD, tape or record. Live bands perform and sing their own songs. A good disc jockey can spice up any event with a good selection of both new and old music. Their job is to play and encourage the mood of dancing into the spirit of the crowd. A good disc jockey will always get a feel for the crowd being entertained and in so will choose from a variety of music beats and selections to encourage them to dance. 

When hiring a reputable disc jockey you should expect quality sounds and popular songs to be played from original artists. Disc jockeys take fewer breaks than a live band as they have no need to catch their breath or freshen up. Economically, disk jockeys are less expensive to hire than a live band. 

Disc jockeys base their fee on what the customer wants. The first two hours of a reception for example, is spent playing ‘back-ground’ music as the guests take their seats and enjoy refreshments. During this segment, less time is spent by the disc jockey playing or selecting music for dance. A pre-selected row of music is commonly prepared for this time period.

Rates during the second two hours of a reception can be highly increased; this is known as the "dance period" of a wedding reception. During this time it is important that the disc jockey be on top of playing both the songs requested and those needed to motivate a mood, this is to ensure that the selection of songs played will be enjoyed by many and not just a few. Disc jockeys will usually entertain with special lighting with smoke or bubble effects, games and dance lessons are sometimes encouraged by a good disc jockey that enjoys getting a crowd going. It is important to communicate your preference with respect to the event to your disc jockey. The last thing you want is to have a disco club atmosphere introduced un-a-wearingly.

Finding a reputable Disc Jockey
Start your search for a disc jockey at least three to six months before the wedding. If the wedding is being planned around a holiday or graduation season, you may find it hard to book on a late notice. Most companies or schools book a year or so in advanced to ensure they get the reservations required.

When looking to hire a disc jockey be sure to ask family or friends who have recently gotten married, this is a great way to find reputable service providers. Getting referrals is a must! If you have located a disc jockey that you are interested in hiring, be sure to get a few names and numbers of some of their past customers. Although their price and personality may seem great, a past customer might be able to provide you with more extended information that could prove useful to your decision. This does not mean that the experience they shared with an old customer will rain as common practice but, it is always a good idea to know about the services you are hiring especially for your wedding. Punctuality, talent, appearance and personality will all be areas to look out for when hiring a disc jockey. You don’t want your disc jockey setting up during the arrival of your guests, nor do you want to see your D.J show up in casual clothes. Be sure to ask the appropriate questions before signing any contract/s.

Aside from word of mouth, consider attending a few bridal shows to search for a D.J service. Bridal shows are great places to locate service providers for your wedding. It is important to find a disc jockey that commonly performs at weddings instead of nightclubs, bars or radio stations. The audience at a wedding will be less indulgent to the loud noises and announcements that are common at the bar or club. Bridal shows will often have a line up of disc jockeys that are equipped to provide you with brochures and discount coupons to take home and decide on. Some packages include things you may not need or be interested in. Prices may range between D. J.’s depending on the services they provide. Cheapest is not necessarily better, a D.J who is in high demand may cost you more but providing you will have covered all areas to secure satisfaction, their performance from experience and knowledge may in the end be well worth the price.

What do you want in a Disc jockey?
Everyone has a difference in personality, you are not only hiring a disc jockey to play good music but someone that will use their experience and intuition to determine the mood of the crowd and select accordingly to their satisfaction. Careful consideration should be put into this. If both attending families and friends are out going, a fun disc jockey that will get involved may be the right one for you. On the other hand if your anticipated guests are reserved and conservative, a quiet disc jockey that is there to do the job could be a better choice for the event. A good disc jockey will observe the crowd and know his or her limits. 

The disc jockeys personality and manor will be very important if he or she is expected to act as the master of ceremony should that be a decision you and your spouse choose..

Enquire about the music that the disc jockey specializes in;

  • Current hits
  • Rap
  • Hip-hop
  • Reggae
  • Oldies
  • Rhythm and blues
  • Country
  • Ethnic
  • Big band
  • World music
  • Swing and others.

See our area on Questions to Ask a Disc Jockey for added information

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