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Insightful Information on Ceremony Music

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Insightful Information on Ceremony Music
Majority of the couples who are preparing for their big day have so many things to consider and often ceremony music just isn’t atat top of the priority list. The perfect selection of music can provide an atmosphere and enhance the mood and meaning of your ceremony. Some songs chosen may reflect the solemnity or the joy you feel as you and your groom begin the hand in marriage. If additional musicians, singers, and songs are an option you would like to consider, speak with your officiant to confirm this will be acceptable in your place of worship. This should be dealt with far in advance so you know what you are preparing for.
There are some songs that are very popular such as ‘here comes the bride’ and a few other notes from the organist. These days more and more people are spicing up their ceremony with a variety of songs. Most commonly, the use of an organist supplied by your ceremony site is chosen to supply your wedding music. If you feel as though you don’t know enough about classical music to choose the right songs, your musician will help you with some suggestions based on your guidelines.
Ceremony music is often broken up into four parts being: prelude, processional, ceremony and recessional. Each of these sections has its own function and style; you should choose music that is suitable for you. (In the Orthodox Jewish ceremony, there is no music).
Prelude-This is the music heard during the arrival of the guests, the music will continue until the guests have been seated and the mother of the bride is ready to make her entrance. Your choices of music in this area are very broad and can be anything from slow, upbeat or even a mixture of both. If you choose to have a soloist or choir present at your ceremony they should begin their part at the end of the prelude and before the processional, this will begin as the mother of the bride is being seated.
The processional-This music is played while the wedding party makes their grand entrance and continues the walk down the aisle. This is a traditional march that assists those with nervous feet make their way down the aisle, carrying the spirit of the ceremony toward the alter.
Ceremony music-The music that will be playing during the actual ceremony itself is called, oddly enough, ‘ceremony music’. This music can help emphasize the meaning and the mood of the marriage ceremony.

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