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Disc Jockey Terms You Should know

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Disc Jockey Terms You Should Know

When hiring a disc jockey it may come in valuable to be familiar with the various terms used in the industry. Of coarse you are hiring a person to play music and entertain a crowd, but it is also important to understand the equipment and terms used. 

Here is a list of some disc jockey terms that may prove helpful to know:

  • Beat mixing
    The blending of two songs that has similar beats and tempos to create a seamless transition from one song to the next.
  • Fade mixing
    This process done by starting a new song to transition as the previous song fades out.
  • Mobile disc jockey
    A term used for disc jockeys that travel with their equipment to your event.
  • Playback medium
    A playback medium is the medium used to play music whether it is for compact discs, mini discs, cassette tapes, records or a combination.
  • Sound system
    Equipment used to relay the sound of music. The better the system, the better the sound reproduction will be. It is often a good sign when the D.J is proud of the investment made in a quality sound system.
  • Subwoofers
    Subwoofers are Bass speakers that help to achieve maximum sound reproduction. (only needed when crowd exceeds 200 or more)

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