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About Live Entertainment & Your Reception

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About Live Entertainment & Your Reception

Entertainment is an important part of any wedding reception. Throughout the day of the wedding, most of your guests will look forward to the anticipated fun and entertainment that is the reception yet ahead. The wedding reception is best known for good food, entertainment and the interaction with others. This is their opportunity to celebrate with and congratulate the newly wedded couple before they leave on their honeymoon. 

There are few types of entertainment commonly selected to perform at wedding receptions; the disc jockey service, which plays popular pre-recorded songs from original well known artists and there are bands that will perform live, both vocally and instrumental. 

The Band
Live bands, if qualified, can be very enjoyable. With the use of musical instruments and talented voices, crowds will often enjoy listening to their performance. Depending on the style of your wedding and the age group of your wedding guests, a live band may be the best option for you. Commonly a live band is used to entertain a mature crowd of guests, not saying that your younger guests won’t enjoy live bands, but mature crowds are often more in favor of hearing popular songs from their favorite artists played and performed live, even if it is under a different vocal or mix format. Outdoor and homely wedding receptions will suit this type of entertainment as well. 

A good live band can really excite a crowd of people with their performance. They will usually want to know what kind of music your guests may be into, so that their performance can be prepared with that style in mind. Live bands come in many sizes, some only include two performers and others perform in groups of eight to ten. Musical instruments, talented voices and costume or exotic outfits are also a part of what is considered spectacular to enjoying the entertainment provided by live bands. Their musical styles differ, but for the most part live bands are talented and can provide entertainment to a wide variety of musical preferences.

Live bands can be a lot of fun when they are hired to entertain a themed wedding such as a tropical or cultural wedding. For example; for a Mexican wedding, a live Mexican performing band may be more favored for their cultural blend in vocals, style and performance while a beach wedding would favor a band known for their selection of oldies and summertime hits.

Space accomadation & cost
The cost to hiring a live band of coarse will be more expensive than a disc jockey. With a live band you are hiring performers that will be entertaining your guests to the sounds and feel of live performance all night. The price will be based on the time period they are expected to perform for and the number of band members needed to entertain your wedding. 

The industry suggests that a three piece band should be hired for a small wedding of approx 90 guests or less, a five piece band for weddings with 120 guests or more and a seven piece band be hired for weddings with 250 or more guests. The size of your reception space will also help to determine the number of band members you hire. Find out through the reception site how much space will be available for your hired entertainment without shrinking the space you will need to fit your guests comfortably. The reception site will usually be able to determine how much space can be occupied for this purpose. Discuss your available space with the bandleader to determine how many members can be included to provide your reception with the entertainment.

Hiring a live band
When hiring a live band, be sure to do your research, get referrals from both friends and family who have recently been married first then, get names and phone numbers from previous customers of the bands. Ask as many question as is needed to satisfy your concerns and interests including; their music style, what age groups they most commonly perform for and whether they take song requests. It is important to also find out whether they commonly perform for weddings. 

Be sure to book your entertainment as early as six months to a year prior to the event. Just like disc jockeys, good performers are always booked early as they are in high demand and their prices may also be higher during certain periods of the year. If your wedding event is being planned for a holiday or around graduation time, consider booking sooner as companies and schools book their entertainment a year or so in advance to ensure they get the reservations required.

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