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Choosing Your Bridal Party Attendants

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Choosing Your Bridal Party Attendants
Bridal-Party This is your big day, you might be overwhelmed with the choices and decisions you are responsible for making. Keep things as simple as possible, choosing the attendants for your wedding should come naturally and if they don’t put some heart felt thought into your decisions.


Often enough brides get stumped on having to choose between friends and family to partake in the wedding, we all know you cant possibly include everyone or your wedding party would be too big. Trying to avoid hurting any ones feelings can cause a bride-to-be to loose a lot of beauty sleep.

Many things must be considered but the most important thoughts of all is to think of your reason behind wanting certain individuals to be included in your special day.
Sisters are among the top in choosing your bridesmaid, for some it is due to family ties and a sense of responsibility (the right thing to do) then for others the decision is based on the development of close bonds and sisterly friendship that has been nourished over the years.
"Girlfriends may come and go but a sister is there forever". However truthful this may seem, your true girlfriend would have shared enough with you to deserve an important role in your big day. This event would also be an important moment to involve those people closest to you to share your moment and become a long lasting part of you lifelong memory.

This decision may not necessarily be as difficult as it appears. Your wedding party may have the space to include everyone without stress and for those that may not be included, try to explain your decision, a true friend will understand. Maybe you could have her play another significant role in your wedding (sing, read a scripture or poem, pass out the programs or any other important part you can delegate to her)
As a bride-to-be you have to think of yourself during this special time, giving plenty of thought to these small details that will mean success on your big day. Think of who can do what, and in which ways your chosen individuals may be able to help. Often we have a few friends who may be a perfect candidate to delegate some of our responsibilities to, others may be a confidant, someone who we can turn to when we need a shoulder to lean on and provide us with suitable advise. Put thought into the responsibility you are giving to the women on your list. You may be able to narrow it down by considering the positions they hold in your life.

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