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"To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage."

Lao Tzu

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Identifying a Good Bridesmaid & Friend

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Identifying a Good Bridesmaid & Friend

A wedding party is often made up of a group of close friends or relatives. Choosing the individuals that will accompany you through your wedding day can be an overwhelming decision. Many brides are faced with the difficult decision of choosing when there seem to be so many that would fit the role easily, now if only you could just include them all.
Choosing only a small handful of women to partake in the event can be mind boggling due to the closeness or expectation they may have. Obviously the brides sister/s, close cousin/s or a best friend would feel as though they deserve to take part and would be hurt if they were not included, therefore, your decision must be considered carefully. This group of special ladies will be the ones carefully selected. They will be your support during this time of need and anticipation, they will be there to guide you and provide any help you require.
The responsibility of being a bridesmaid or matron of honor can be quite overwhelming, when deciding on the individuals whom you would like to include, consider whether they will be able to keep up with their end of the bargain.

Here are some tips on what makes a good Bridesmaid:

  • Individuals who will provide you with an opinion and advice when you ask.
  • Someone who knows when to let you decide on your own.
  • Someone who has an idea of when to step in to help, and can identify when help is needed.
  • A great listener, someone you can count on when you need to talk.
  • A proud person who is not against your decision, and is not envious or resentful.
  • A friend who will go along with your choices (dress included).
  • Someone who is kind, friendly, and tries to get along with your family.
  • An individual who will pull your spirits up when they may seem down.
  • Do they have the time to partake in the event?
  • Someone who can pull their own financial costs throughout the planning of your wedding.
  • A person who will be completely overjoyed about your wedding, and excited to take part.

We hope that these tips will give you an idea of what to look for in the individuals you have to choose for such an important role in your wedding. Even though most of the ladies will not hold all of the above qualities, an even balance from different women should help to assure a smooth experience during this exciting time you are about to experience.

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