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Smart Ways to Save on Bridal Party Attire

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Ways to Save on Bridal Party Attire

Most commonly the attendants pay for their own attire, but in some cases the couple may decide to stand half or all of the cost. The more attendants chosen to take part the more it will cost you to include them. If you know ahead of time that you will need to stay on a strict budget consider having a small wedding party. In some cases this is impossible because we have too many siblings or too many close friends. Saving money will be a crucial part to staying on budget; here are some ideas to which you can cut costs in this area.

-Small wedding party
As we previously mentioned keeping the wedding party small will save you money and keep things simple. In most cases the wedding party can afford to pay for their own attire.

Aside from the financial drain of including them in all of your pre-wedding affairs it is only right for you to allow them to invite a guest to the reception for your wedding. Keeping your bridal party small will be helpful in saving your attendants money also. Finding discounted dresses is easily done but, style selection and sizes may be limited and so, the more ladies you need to clothe the harder it may be to find the selected numbers needed at great deals. 

-Saving you and your bridal party money on attire
Bridal salons and boutiques are often the most expensive place to shop, however, the service you may encounter at a store like this will probably be fantastic. If budget is not an issue, this type of store will be a great place to shop while providing you and your bridal party undivided attention with selection and service. Beware though; sales specialists in boutiques and salons are known to be very pushy and don’t usually give you much space to think or brows. For some, this is the ideal place to shop making things easy with plenty of attention and suggestions, while others may find it intimidating to be followed and assisted through out the store. 

Although boutiques and bridal salons are known to be expensive, sale racks are available in virtually any store. On the sale racks are often end-of-line items. A small selection of sizes and dresses from the previous season are commonly seen on racks displayed usually in a well trafficked area of the store. Check them out before hitting the regular priced merchandise racks; you may be glad you did. Note that most stores with items discounted to clear will have a limited number of inventories available. These items may be subject to the store’s “final sale” or “sold as is” policy. As with any other store, be sure to get a clear understanding of the policies in effect on sale items. Examine all items carefully and be comfortable making the purchase before doing so.

-Shop department stores
A bridesmaid dress does not have to be purchased in a specialty store; as a matter of fact unless you want a big fancy ball like dress for your attendant a simple long party gown will do the job just fine. Department stores are known for having great selection of styles, colors and sizes available at all times. Savings can be great, weekly sales are common in department stores so finding new arrivals at great low prices can be a shoppers dream come true. Attendants are usually pretty good about going with the flow for your sake but if you can save them time and money they will definitely be grateful. Consider a day out to check the women’s formalwear section in your local department stores for some ideas, you may be pleasantly surprised. 

-Something practical
Your attendants will more than likely be easy going about your decision on color and style preference; after all it is your wedding day. If you can help it however, consider finding a practical dress that can be worn time after time. No one wants to spend money on something they will never use again, especially attendants in a wedding. Be considerate when deciding on the attire you choose for your wedding party, it will end up being greatly appreciated from those involved.

-No need for pricy accessories
Accessories such as earrings and necklaces’ often go unnoticed; spending unnecessary money in this area would be senseless. If you are a crafty person, consider getting the ladies together to make beaded accessories to wear the day of the wedding. This idea may seem tacky to some but visit your local bookstore for ideas on making your own jewelry, there are many elegant looking styles that would suit the purpose wonderfully without spending excessively. Another great way to save money with a wedding party is for the bride to give her attendants the necessary accessories as a gift; this will save the bride the trouble of finding individual gifts for each of her attendants.

-Hire a seamstress
Either a professional seamstress or a talented friend could sew the bridesmaids dresses given they have plenty of time in advanced to get the job done. Hiring someone to do this job can be a big money saver but remember to get referrals before giving the go ahead. Cut styles that appeal to you out of a magazine or flyer, get the bridal parties opinions on your selection. Consult the seamstress about style, color and have the ladies in your wedding party measured for size. Once that is all done, your seamstress may suggest you to go along with her to select and purchase the fabric. Prices on fabric will vary. If your seamstress is qualified she will probably make suggestions on appropriate fabrics that will work best with the style you have selected. Fabric and labor will be the two largest costs involved with having a dress custom made, this, will save you money on the high mark up costs associated with designer labeled dresses.

-Shopping for shoes
Don’t think you need to haul your attendants into a pricey shoe store to buy shoes that you want them to wear the day of your wedding. Outlet and discount shoe stores offer a wide variety of selection at affordable prices. Have a girl’s day out to visit some of the outlets stores in your area, they should not be too hard to find. Visiting a store like this may be a good idea before searching malls or other well known shoe stores. If the shoes selected need to be dyed, be sure to take them in for coloring all at the same time for two reasons:

  1. Discounts may usually be applied to bulk orders.
  2. The dying process will need to be done all at the same time in order to ensure matching color variations.

An experienced representative should be present to explain the dying process. These shoes are usually made in white satin materials. The dying process if not done evenly and dried under the correct temperature will run and loose color through out various areas. If this is done by an inexperience person you may also find that the color will not match the color sample you agreed to as being a close match to the bridesmaid’s dresses. 

-Shopping for hosiery
No need to have your ladies buy expensive hosiery for the big day, visit your local department stores, often a buy more save more event is applied to items such as hosiery and sox.

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