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The Bestman's Duties in The Wedding

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The Bestman's Duties in The Wedding

What an honor it is to hold the title as the best man. This title means that the individual chosen holds a close and unique relationship to the man getting married. A life long friend or brother is usually the one who plays this role. This is a man that knows the groom better then anyone else and who will be a big support during this eagerly awaited and important event. The best man will play a big part in assisting the groom with final shopping plans and will be his support if last minute jitters should become an issue.
The best man has the honor of being a witness to the marriage and signing of documents along with the maid of honor. This individual should be proud of his title and be a strong support to the couple during and after their wedding. Below is a list of things that the best man is usually responsible for doing.

  • Organizes any pre-wedding parties that may be held
  • Often organizes a gift from the wedding party to the groom-to-be
  • Gives a gift of his own to the marrying couple
  • Helps the groom select a tux and wedding party attire
  • Responsible for giving the officiant a payment by check before or right after the ceremony has taken place
  • Responsible for giving out all other last minute payments and tips before the service providers leave the wedding event (all tips and payments should be sealed in an envelope and labeled with a name, these are to be provided by the groom before the day of the wedding). In some cases this job is done by the grooms father
  • He will remind the groom about carrying the marriage license
  • The best man will hold the brides ring until needed at the ceremony 
  • Assists the ushers with getting ready
  • He will walk in the recessional
  • Acts as a witness & signs the marriage certificate
  • Drives the couple to the reception if no transportation has been hired
  • Stands in the receiving line and welcomes guests
  • Offers the first toast to the couple
  • Usually has a dance with the new bride, mothers of the wed couple and some of the single female guests
  • He will help get the groom ready for departure
  • Returns the grooms attire if rented, if purchased it should be sent to the dry cleaners while the couple is away on their honeymoon.
  • Often makes sure the couple has a ride to the airport or hotel
  • Stands the cost of his own wedding attire and transportation from the reception

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