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Smart Ways To Save On Groomsmen Attire

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Ways to Save on Groomsmen Attire

Men don’t usually have too many issues when it comes to formal wear. Basically, a suit, shirt, tie or bow tie is sufficient. Just as the bridal party will stand the cost of their attire, so do the groomsmen. The couple is usually under no financial obligations in this area. Unless pre-arrangements have been made with the couple wishing to cover half or all of the costs, the groomsmen should assume responsibility in this area. This will work out to be a good savings to the couple’s pocket expenses.

It is not common for the groomsmen to spend hours in search of the right attire; one stop shopping is usually the case. The groom however, should consider the best possible options that will suit his groomsmen and their budget before deciding on anything in particular. Here are some ways to help you and your groomsmen shop wisely.

-Men’s Formal wear stores
If buying formal wear is the decision made, a men’s specialty shop may be a good place to start. Aside from higher then average prices, you will find a large variety of sizes and styles. Services offered are usually very good in stores like this; this is why the prices may be slightly higher then a department store. Most men don’t enjoy shopping for bargains and so spending a little bit more money in a store that they will receive fast reliable service may appear more inviting. Be sure that to buy early enough and avoid graduation or prom time. During this time, formal wear stores are very busy and short in stock of styles and sizes. It is always a good idea to ask around and enquire about reputable formal wear stores that have been used before by family or friends.

-Comparison shop
Comparison-shopping is not something most men like to do. In this case however, those who have to fork up the money will greatly appreciate your shopping around for the best price and value. Comparison-shopping is not only for comparing prices but it is also helpful in determining the right-look for the occasion. Some fabrics may vary in quality giving a more expensive elegant impression, while others may look out-dated or faded in color. Give yourself a chance to see what is available before making any final decisions.

-Shop in bulk
Bulk shopping is becoming very popular; department and wholesale stores are commonly offering discount prices when several of the same items are purchased at one time. Formal wear store for example sometimes offer the second suit free or half price on the second item, this is a great way to save your groomsmen some money. Enquire within different stores to see if this offer would apply.

The groomsmen will often be equipped with sox of their own (commonly black) that purchasing pairs may not be warranted. If the purchasing of sox is necessary, consider buying a package of dress sox instead of individual pairs, this would add up to a few dollars worth of savings per groomsmen.

There are many reputable formal wear rental stores available in most areas. Renting a suit may be advisable if the groomsmen have no intentions on wearing the suit again. Rentals are inexpensive and convenient when compared to purchasing to the standard price of a tuxedo. Suit rental packages include alteration of size, specific color coordination, cummerbund, shirt, tie or bow tie, sometimes shoes and dry cleaning. This is often considered to be the best rout when searching for a suit to wear for one occasion. Having the rented suits back on time is very important, late charges will apply to those brought back a day or so later.

-One last note
Be sure to remind your groomsmen to check their attire before leaving the store. At times sizes get mixed up and items are forgotten. Save everyone the hassle and aggravation of running back and forth but most importantly being sure the fit isn’t two sizes too small the day of the wedding.

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